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The Benefit of Key Replacement

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

How Long Should You Use the Same Keys?

The easy answer is that it depends. It depends where you live, how many keys you have had made, who you live with and how long you have lived there. Locksmith San Marino professionals advise individuals to change keys and sometimes locks. Whenever you lose a key or someone moves in or out. A key change is very simple and is a relatively cheap and easy procedure. A local locksmith can usually offer you same day service and provide you with new keys to your residence very quickly.

Residential lock rekeying is the process by which new keys are fitted to your existing locks. The locksmith simply reconfigures the lock to the new key. After this, your previous key will no longer work in the lock and only the new key will allow access. Any previous copy of the key will now be useless in your new lock and you do not have to worry again about where the copies are or who has them. The benefit of this service is that an entire lock change is not necessary when you rekey, this will save you time and money. This can be done by yourself and at home but the process is not simple if you are not equipped with the right tools and training.  

What Alternative Steps Can Be Taken?

Residential lock change is another common service that is provided by locksmiths and usually occurs when the residence you live in is being upgraded or has had security concerns. It is the next step to take after rekeying. While rekeying affects only the key, the lock change will result in a new lock replacing the old one and new keys will also be needed to fit the new lock. If you desire added protection and efficiency beyond rekeying then a lock change may be what you are looking for.

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