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How Car Alarms Work

11/13/2015 Back To Blog

Car theft is the major concern of most people in the world. Both foreign & domestic vehicles are in trouble when they are not well-protected. Thieves do not only break-in to get valuables you have left on the seat, but they might also get the entire car. The anti-theft security systems of the latest generationcars have really discouraged thieves and made it almost impossible for them to steal vehicles. Car alarm systems have helped, too! You would wonder why alarms are necessary if the cardoor locks are sound! Well, extra protection never hurts as Locksmith San Marino says by experience. What distinguishes alarms is their siren. Which thieve likes noise? The extraordinary thing is that such systems develop rapidly,and whereas they leave you with plenty of choices among extra car protection means, they leave thieves with no option to break-in. That's something!

Basic things about car alarms

How Car Alarms WorkIn order to understand how vehicle alarms work, you must get an idea of the basics. Their main parts include a computer, a loudspeaker, the receiver which recognizes the codes sent by the auto chip keys and a number of sensors. The major difference with older generation alarms apart from the highest technology is that older cars only had two sensors. Today, they can have multiple. These days, alarms are designed to be activated and react to all kinds of threats. Someone might even approach the vehicle and the alarm might go off. What happens is that the sensors are placed in different parts of the car and when they sense any kind of motion or someone unlocking a car door, they send a signal to the computer which in turn activates the siren. If you think about it, car alarms work in the simplest way. Once the car system is armed the sensors are active. They remain silent as long as there is no unusual activity around the car. If they detect the smallest motion (depending on which sensors you have chosen), they notify the computer and the siren goes off!

Since there is a choice as to which sensors to get and which parts of the car to protect, there is really the option to make the car impenetrable. The car's security door locks will do a better job if there are also door sensors ready to set off the alarm should anyone attempts to break-in through the door. Though, door sensors are the simplest ones and they cannot stop thieves from breaking the window. In order for you to avoid that, you will need impact sensors. If you want even greater protection, you can get extra sensors – like microphone or proximity ones – so that they can sense even people approaching your car. What's amazing is that although they work in a simple way, they bring great results. Car theft statistics have gone down due to the great security vehicle systems of course, but due to alarms as well.

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